YouTuber KHS Recreates K-Pop Bangtan Boys’ ‘Dynamite’ Only Using Objects in Walmart

YouTuber Kurt Hugo has recreated the famous song “Dynamite” by Korean pop group BTS. Well, that doesn’t seem like too difficult a task to do. But here is the catch – all the sounds used in the track were recorded using “noises” at Walmart.

Yes, the guy just went into a Walmart store and recorded noises of various objects available in it. He goes to the ice-cream isle and bangs the door of a refrigerator repeatedly to get the sound of a beat. He then moves to the apparel section where he rearranges the hangers.

That created a usual sound, something one can never hope to use in a melody. But Hugo feeds the sound in his computer, polishes a little bit, and voila! The sound starts to sound good. He does similar things using other objects like clay plates, bicycle bells etc. Dropping a basketball on the floor of the store was a good choice. He was also lucky to find a kid’s toy keyboard which definitely helped him add some tunes.

Having collected all the noises or sounds, he does his magic on the computer. He then needs a singer to render his voice to the “Dynamite”. His friend Sam Tsui is happy to help and he sounded really good. They put the pieces together and came out with a great melodious version of BTS’s Dynamite. The video of making the song is worth watching and the song can be just downloaded and played on loop!

Hugo is a video editor, producer, musician, singer and songwriter and runs a successful YouTube channel that has more than 13 million subscribers.

Sam, himself a singer, songwriter and actor, frequently appears in his videos. He is popular on YouTube for his musical gigs, where he has made covers of many songs including that of artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Micheal Jackson. Watch the video and enjoy!