Most NL residents pessimistic about future for first time in 4 years

For the first time in four years, the majority of Netherlands residents are pessimistic about the future of the country. 59 percent of Dutch voters believe that the Netherlands is going in the wrong direction, compared to 41 percent when the Rutte III government took office, according to the annual Budget Day survey by Ipsos on behalf of broadcaster NOS.

More than half of Netherlands residents believe that the economy will deteriorate in the next twelve months, compared to less than a third last Budget Day. This most likely has to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Strikingly, young people are more optimistic than older people, while it is young people who are most affected by the economic consequences of the crisis.

Almost 30 percent of Netherlands residents said they’ve already noticed the negative financial consequences of the coronavirus crisis themselves. A third of workers say their jobs have changed due to the crisis – they have less work, less job security, lost their job, or can’t find work.

Despite this, the group who struggle to or cannot make ends meet has not grown. 55 percent of Netherlands residents believe they are doing well financially, slightly more than last year.

The group of Dutch who expect that they will have to cut back is somewhat smaller than last year. Nearly 70 percent say the coronavirus crisis haven’t forced the to cut spending. According to Ipsos, this shows that the crisis mainly affected people who were already struggling.